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About Lifeline

Lifeline Blockchain Ltd is a company focusing on blockchain solutions for the healthcare sector. We aim to address critical needs throughout the industry and are solely focused on creating a patient-centered system, that will create a better experience for patients, save time for the doctors and increase interoperability , both nationwide and internationally.

We are a team of experienced and highly motivated professionals based across London and Athens, with experience in blockchain innovations, aiming to transform medical records storage and access, prescriptions, claims and research data


e-Medical Records

Digital Medical Records, enable patient centered healthcare and enhanced data privacy.


Lifeline aims to optimize drug distribution and reduce costs while eliminating fraud.


Automated patient screening and integrated claims management reduces errors for Insurance companies.


We help medical researchers by providing instant (but controlled) access to usable, masked data.


By using a distributed ledger for healthcare-related information, we can all benefit from increased accessibility, efficiency, accuracy, and security, all of which will result in better healthcare outcomes.

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